Email Security

More and more, data thieves and cyber terrorists are misusing email communication for their malicious purposes. Whether it’s extortion, data theft or attacks on infrastructure, every threat demands a decisive response.

Conventional anti-virus and anti-spam solutions just aren’t enough anymore! All it takes is one ill-placed mouse click for Trojans to invade your computer, encrypt vital data and demand ransom. Financial repercussions are significant.

Multi-level, well-targeted security solutions are the only answer. Such a solution not only sets hurdles for attackers higher, conformance to regulations is simplified as well.

of industrial enterprises have been victims of data theft, economic espionage or sabotage
of companies are affected by the theft of electronic documents
total annual loss is EUR
cyber-attacked industries: Healthcare; Manufacturing; Financial Services; Government; Transportation (Bitkom, Forbes)

With iQ.Suite, we provide you with answers to the key questions surrounding email security:

  • How can companies block undesirable content such as spam, viruses, and trojans?
  • How can applicable formal requirements for email communication be observed across the company?
  • How can companies guarantee data protection when sending confidential information?
  • How can companies prevent loss of confidential content via email?


  1. Comprehensive email security
  2. Safeguarding of your know-how
  3. No hassle for end users
  4. Compliance with legal regulations and company guidelines
  5. Risk reduction through automated processes
  6. Protection of inbound and outbound communication
  7. Available for IBM Domino/Verse und Microsoft Exchange/SMTP & Office 365


With iQ.Suite we offer a comprehensive email management platform combining all of the elements necessary to achieve email compliance and email security. From virus and spam protection to encryption, exclusion of liability and legally secure archiving, it covers all the aspects of a state-of-the-art email management solution.
  • Email Security Anti-Virus & Anti-Trojan Anti-Spam & Anti-Phishing Data Leakage Prevention Legal Disclaimer Encryption
  • Email Archiving Server Load Reduction Legally Complaint Archiving Intelligent Pre-Classification Efficient Retrieval
  • Email Productivity Delegation Management Work-Life Balance Availability & Load Balancing Social Business Integration

One of our favourite projects

Improving Email Security in the Financial Sector

Email Security

The Challenge

Not only are modern businesses continuously confronted with new viruses and spam, these risks have recently burgeoned. Spammers spread viruses by email and hackers using Spam as a means of transport for their ill-natured electronic cargo. For this reason, companies, at a progressive rate, need a comprehensive, flexible and tested content security solution. A solution that arms the user in today’s fight against future threats.

This fight was taken on by the Swiss reinsurance concern Swiss Re in Zurich, in order to minimize the looming costs and loss of productivity from cyber-attacks.

The Solutions

The search for a suitable solution to support the group’s global activities ended with the decision to opt for iQ.Suite as a comprehensive security package for the leading email platforms. Swiss Re’s IT managers selected iQ.Suite Watchdog as a reliable solution that scans all emails for the presence of viruses and worms and filters file attachments before they are stored on the email servers. iQ.Suite Wall was also purchased as a high-performance solution providing multi-level defense against spam, junk, advertising and phishing emails. These security components were supplemented by iQ.Suite Crypt to ensure confidential email communication.