Enterprise Mobility

With the personal mobile devices becoming more affordable they got into the hands of almost any person in the world. These days there is an app for everything. With the easy access to applications and experiences a revolution started in the way people work.

Today's workers are not waiting for IT to deliver a solution to them but rather they start bringing the experiences from their private life in their job expecting IT to be able to keep up. People expect the same smooth and user friendly experience at work as they do in their private life. This boosted tendencies like BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and with the extended capabilities of the personal mobile devices the concept of a mobile worker moved to the next level allowing employees to be able to do their job no matter where they are, from their mobile device and not requiring any laptop.

52% of info
workers use three or more devices for work
72%of employees
send emails after leaving the office
343 million
BYOD devices in 2014
18%of employees
accessing sensitive data from personal devices

These trends required the workplace to become more virtual, which of course poses new challenges for IT. It is not only the availability and accessibility of services required to get the job done but also the security aspect. How to provide QoS and at the same time keep the privacy of the company data and manage the devices connected to the services and the applications available to the users.


  1. Improved experiences for end users boosting productivity
  2. Enabling new experiences for end users based on personal devices, proximity and indoor location
  3. Flexible work environment allowing the use of mobile devices for delivering business value
  4. Control over the devices and applications accessing enterprise services
  5. Secure environment for applications accessing corporate services


Bulpros supports its customers throughout the entire process of implementing enterprise mobile solutions:
  • Analyzing the problem and designing a solution
  • Implementing MDM (Mobile Device Management) and MAM (Mobile Application Management) solutions (VMware AirWatch, Citrix XenMobile, IBM MaaS360, MobileIron)
  • Designing and implementing scalable network infrastructure
  • Designing and implementing secure custom applications for all leading mobile platforms
  • Supporting deployed infrastructure and solutions

One of our favourite projects

Trader’s Box Application

Enterprise Mobility

The Challenge

The application is intended for traders who want to stay informed about economical trends and price changes of their investments and react quickly - buy or sell products, search for specific product, contact the bank if needed.

The Solutions

  • Real-time update of prices of indices, currencies and commodities.
  • Search for products of an underlying, buy or sell them.
  • Daily newsletter section containing digests for different spheres of the market
  • Newsfeed featuring latest headlines and articles about economy and stock exchange
  • CDS, feedback options, legal information
  • Written in C# and XAML