Modern and innovative solutions for effective team, customer and partner collaboration


Collaboration enables seamless working experience of multiple individuals and work groups to accomplish business outcomes. The modern workers are demanding more than ever ability to have flexible work environment. Teams become more distributed even across different geographies and time zones. Collaboration technologies are the enabler of distributed teams to be productive. Close customer and partner interaction is paramount to increased sales revenue.

BULPROS` Collaboration offering includes three main components: Consulting services to define collaboration experiences for boosting team productivity, Implementation and integration of custom collaboration solutions based on industry standards and Proprietary collaboration solutions. See more here to learn how to improve the business process with better collaboration in the company.


With Collaboration offering BULPROS provides holistic approach with consulting, implementation and support.

The main benefits of the Collaboration offering for the business are:

  • Increase efficiency & productivity
  • Shorten time for decision making and cut waiting times
  • Boost customer satisfaction
  • Improve partner collaboration
  • Keep clients and partners closer and more engaged



    Collaboration Consulting Services help you to define result-oriented collaboration experiences, taking team productivity, partner and customer engagement to have even higher business impact. Our Collaboration offering provides analyze current internal and external interaction practices, assessment of existing collaboration infrastructure and overview of existing business processes with regards to collaboration impact. The main benefits for the business include increase efficiency & productivity; shorten time for decision making and prevent waiting times; boost customer satisfaction; improve partner collaboration and keep clients and partners closer and more engaged.


    The component includes Enterprise Collaboration and Collaboration with Partners and Customers.

    Enterprise Collaboration enables fast dissemination of information within the organization, more efficient work of common internal business processes, and providing a sense of community within the organization. The BULPROS Collaboration offering provides Intranet portals & document collaboration; Instant messaging & Presence; Audio & video Calling; Team conferencing; Immersive Telepresence. With these solutions, business has the opportunity to Engage employees; Boost in team productivity; Enable teams to collaborate easier, faster and more effective; Make distributed teams efficient.

    Collaboration With Partners And Customers - Partner/Customer Portals, Contact Center Solutions and Customer Experience all of those are part of the custom collaboration solutions.

    • Partner/Customer Portals – BULPROS is building web-based portals to cover the business needs for: Real-time audio/video communications with customers and partners; Sharing and collaborating on documents; Managing joint projects; Resolving issues and Providing a means for business transactions.
    • Contact Center Solutions – The BULPROS Collaboration offering delivers sophisticated customer interaction management solutions which are integrated with LoB applications, scalable and highly secure. The solutions provide management of sophisticated call routing and comprehensive contact management capabilities as well as embedded reporting with a comprehensive view of contact center performance at a glance.
    • Customer Experience – Those collaboration solutions are providing customer interaction made up of three parts: Customer journey; Brand touchpoints the customer interacts with and Digital environments the customer experiences during their interactions. Through proper engagement assure that the individual's experience during all points of contact matches the customer's expectations and ultimately leads to increasing revenue.
  • Integrate pre-build collaboration solutions in the Finance, Telco and Retail verticals

    The BULPROS Collaboration offering includes a set of Proprietary Solutions. They are ready made to support the business in the successful collaboration process.

    • Iriana – mass communication with existing customer base, with personalized messaging
    • Jabborate - adds instant messaging, presence, audio, video, and conference calls, for direct communication to line of business applications
    • Angelia - facilitates team collaboration during critical incidents resolution
    • DigiNovo – converts in-store sales agents into on-line sales specialists via seamless video experience
    • WeShop / WeFinance – end-2-end personalized customer journey covering the on-line and on-site customer experience

Technology Competence

We provide Collaboration domain expertise based on industry standards. Our team possess fluency in a variety of technologies:

  • Intranet - SharePoint/Online end-to-end strategy, architecture, implementation & maintenance
  • Instant Messaging & Presence, Audio/Video Calling - Jabber, Skype for Business, Spark, Teams, Call Manager
  • Conferencing - WebEx, Skype for Business
  • Immersive Telepresence - Cisco Video and TelePresence infrastructure and APIs
  • Contact Center - Contact Center Express/Enterprise, Remote Expert Mobile, Genesys
  • Email - Email strategy, implementation and operation with Exchange and Exchange Online, Verse, Domino
  • Email automation - rule-based analysis, data extraction, routing, data transfer to other systems, workflows
  • Social - Enterprise Social solutions built on Liferay, IBM Connections/Verse
  • Document Management – SharePoint/Online, OneNote


Our experts are certified according the best practice.

The certifications we own include CCNA; CCIE; Collaboration (in progress); MS MVP Office Servers and Services; MVPs C#; MVP ASP.NET; MCPD; MCSD; Azure Architect

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