Infrastructure Transformation

Transforming client platforms and infrastructures into the Cloud and Hybrid Cloud world


BULPROS` Infrastructure Transformation offering supports companies with Enterprise cloud strategy. Our team possesses deep understanding of cloud and modern infrastructure.

The Infrastructure Transformation offering provides end to end services from strategy, through deployment, operations and retirement. Our clients may rely on consulting and implementation services that will maximize the value of their investment.


With Infrastructure Transformation offering BULPROS provides end to end Enterprise cloud strategy.

The Main Benefits of the Infrastructure Transformation offering for the business are:

  • Concepts developed in years of experience
  • On demand consulting and operations for your infrastructure needs with great flexibility on the business model
  • Strong solutions for the on premise, public and the hybrid scenarios
  • 24x7 multilingual help-desk
  • Certified Managed Services Provider


  • Enterprise Cloud strategy

    Enterprise Cloud strategy is a strategic workshop, tailored for your organization to support you on your cloud journey through organized, well-planned steps with an aim to get the maximum of what the cloud can offer.

    Our Enterprise Cloud strategy workshop will help you to understand the cloud and be prepared to get the maximum value from what it can offer. It covers three different views to make you feel ready from business and technical perspective.


    • Meeting the cloud
    • Economics, efficiency, innovation
    • Cloud models, consumption principles

    Organizational planning:

    • Organizational responsibilities in the cloud strategy creation
    • Organization preparation
    • Roadmap planning and creation stages
    • Building the portfolio catalog
    • Building and executing a cloud adoption plan

    Technical readiness:

    • Application models and application transformation approaches
    • DevOps
    • Security and governance
    • Backup and restore
    • Extending on-premises storage to the cloud
    • Business continuity and disaster recovery
    • Integration
    • Cloud computing in your datacenter
    • Hybrid cloud management
    • Enterprise data Management. Structured and unstructured data management. Big Data.
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Common cloud architecture blueprints and ideas for development. SAP on Azure, Microservices, IoT, DW, SaaS Business Apps, Blockchain, Identity and Authentication


  • Cloud in a box

    Your Cloud. At your Premise.

    Cloud in a Box is BULPROS’s implementation of private cloud. It is a turnkey product for private cloud deployments with predefined sizes that are optimized for performance, TCO and rapid deployment.

    Cloud in a box offers a mix of pre-tested processing hardware, software and storage engineered together and fully managed by BULPROS. Instead of building the infrastructure from scratch, the customer needs only focus on integrating the new solution with legacy systems.

    With Cloud in a box we provide:

    • Define CiB type/size out of a predefined list (core functionality)
    • Define hosting location – on customer premises, BULPROS datacenter
    • Define usage commitment duration
    • Define add-ons (additional capacity, additional products and/or services)
    • Define support options (customer managed, BULPROS-managed)
  • Public cloud workload management

    Enables you to migrate your existing workloads to the cloud as well as to create cloud native workloads. We also support various hybrid scenarios tailored specifically for your needs.

    The Public cloud Workload Management services by BULPROS, enable you to leverage the usage of the latest Cloud technologies inside your organization without making the investment for building an administering a team and maintain their knowledge. Our top qualified experts will help you utilize the Cloud more efficiently by handling the administration effort of the services as well as consulting you on the best solution available for you and your business case.

    With Public Cloud Workload Management, we provide

    • Design and architecture of Public Cloud Infrastructure
    • Tenant management on Microsoft Azure and AWS
    • Public cloud usage reporting and forecasting
    • Multi-cloud management
    • Azure services management like Active Directory, App Services, CDN, Backup and restore, Azure Networking (DNS, Express Route, Load Balancing), Storage, Security and authentication (2 factor authentication included)
  • Hybrid Cloud Management

    Our Hybrid Cloud Management offering supports customers, who wish to keep their infrastructure onsite, but need to use Public Cloud-only services like Machine Learning, BI, AI etc.

    BULPROS provides integration services for Azure Stack and works with all major vendors.

    • Datacenter integration services for Azure Stack
    • Deployment and operations of Azure Stack
    • Migration and consulting services
    • Consumption and licenses management
    • Operations and support services
  • Hosting & virtualization

    Host your workloads with us.

    Hosting and virtualization is our entry level solution for renting Infrastructure as a Service. We provide the infrastructure per the customer request and he can fully manage it and operate it.

    The hosting and virtualization solution is not feature rich as our Public cloud offerings, but comes at a better end price for the customer.

    With Hosting & virtualization we provide:

    • Rent a server on a Vmware Vsphere host
    • Manage it yourself or get BULPROS operations addons
    • Get availability SLA for your infrastructure as a service
    • Get support for the underlying infrastructure
  • Network Management

    All network challenges are taken care of. By us.

    We provide end to end coverage on most network related activities. Our top certified network architects and engineers deliver best in class Network Management Services

    Our top certified network architects and engineers deliver best in class Network Management Services. We have a long and strong partnership with vendors like CISCO and Microsoft.

    As part of our services catalog we provide end to end coverage on most network related activities:

    • Architecture and design of Network infrastructure
    • Implementation of Network infrastructure on premise or in Public and hybrid cloud workloads
    • Migration services for existing Network infrastructure
    • Network assessment and optimization
    • Network Support
    • Network monitoring and reporting services
    • Software defined networking architecture, design, implementation and support
  • Infrastructure migration services

    BULPROS provides professional guidance to advance operational efficiency, reduce risk, and increase your competitive advantage.

    With Infrastructure Migration Services we provide:

    •  Infrastructure readiness assessments
    • Datacenter consolidation services
    • Datacenter migration services
    • Infrastructure migration from on premise resources to Public cloud providers (onboarding)
    • Infrastructure migration from Public cloud providers to on premise and hybrid scenarios (off boarding)
  • IT Operations & Helpdesk services

    Best in class and multi-lingual.

    BULPROS will be with you every step of the way from planning through installation, to maintenance. If you have a problem, you can call our 24/7 support team. This is for businesses needing technical support assets, outsourcing enables their core employees to focus more on their work in order to maintain productivity.

    With IT Operations & Helpdesk services we provide:

    • Network and System security
    • End to end Windows Server infrastructure
    • Active Directory and Identity Services
    • Microsoft System Center
    • Azure Pack
    • Azure Stack
    • 3rd party Web Services and Platforms
    • SAP Based systems
    • Enterprise portals and content management systems
    • We provide 24x7 customer support, data and back office services in more than 29 language

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