Application Modernization

Introducing innovative applications for a modern workspace


BULPROS will support your company to modernize the workplace by providing you expert consultancy and creating business value by developing new applications or various other scenarios based on your business goals. Every company is using business applications and many organizations are facing the challenge of maintaining and regularly upgrading various internal and external systems or even keeping applications which are barely used. The Application Modernization offering is aimed at supporting organizations by means of business processes optimization, increase of efficiency and cost reduction. It includes different solutions – each of them can be implemented as a standalone solution or they could be integrated all together, depending on the specific requirements and needs of each company.

The BULPROS Application Modernization offering comprises various innovative solutions for business transformation through application modernization: Application Assessment, Application Migration, Application Development, Application Cloud Transformation, Application Support.


The Main Benefits of the Application Modernization offering are:

  • Over 20 years of expertise in developing application modernization products and solutions;
  • Proven expertise in developing tailor-made solutions based on the client's business needs and requirements;
  • Extensive technology and domain know-how;
  • Number of successful projects proven by our client references and excellent partner relations with leading companies - Microsoft, IBM, Cisco etc.;
  • Certified employees who extend your capabilities at an excellent quality-to-price ratio.


  • Application Assessment

    BULPROS offers an expertise-based assessment services for existing applications for various platforms and technologies. As part of the Application Assessment our highly experienced architects, who have completed numerous successful projects, provide detailed review of legacy applications regarding usage, features, architecture and complexity, infrastructure etc. Thus your company leverages the top-notch technology professionals’ experience to maximize performance. The supported platforms vary from Domino Applications, Windows Applications, SharePoint on-premises, Dynamics CRM to entirely custom build applications. As a result of the assessment you benefit from Existing IT Infrastructure Assessment Report, Existing Applications Usage & Statistics, Recommendations for Improvements, Indicative Timeline for implementation and Indicative Budget. Based on the assessment you have the opportunity to create your application modernization strategy which can include the retirement of legacy systems, data archiving and migration, the development of new applications or other business scenario which implements the company needs and goals.

    • Detailed assessment of existing systems and platforms
    • Analysis, performed by highly-experienced architects
    • Identification of potential challenges with existing application
    • Recommendations for business processes improvement and budget optimization
  • Application Migration

    BULPROS offers various opportunities to introduce the modern application landscape to your organization. We provide companies with expert guidance on the migration process as well as project management and technology consulting. Based on the specific business needs, our experts can apply various scenarios. The unused applications can be archived or other solutions could be implemented for several platforms and technologies. Moreover, we offer flexible delivery models for each customer and project as well as full outsourcing of the entire migration project. The main benefits for the company are: the opportunity to secure relevant content and to comply with legislative regulations regarding data storage, to benefit from our expert support for your strategic IT decisions and technology consulting, based on more than 20 years of experience in the field.

    We will also support you with the retirement of your legacy IBM Domino Applications by exporting, archiving or migrating your data to various supported platforms. Thus, your organization will benefit from increased user adoption, satisfaction and productivity in a modern workplace.

    • Improved productivity by introducing modern IT workspace
    • Business processes optimization
    • Improved security model
    • Increased return on investment
  • Application Development

    BULPROS offers tailor-made applications aligned with your specific business requirements. We have strong expertise in developing new systems and platforms which improve the customer experience, increase the employee satisfaction with the company and thus support the businesses with their digital transformation journey. Our team of experts can design and build modern applications based on your company needs and help you to accomplish your business transformation plans. If you need to outline your business processes into workflow-based web applications, we can support you with one of our core products – the in-house developed AppDesigner. We also provide the design and implementation of complex Enterprise Application which are integrated with external platforms. Based on our deep expertise in implementing end-to-end solutions, we offer you a variety of different scenarios for the implementation of custom workflow applications and we offer you the opportunity to scale team size on-demand.

    • Tailor-made modern and innovative applications
    • Increased user adoption
    • Flexible delivery models for each customer and project
    • Accelerated application delivery timeframe
  • Application Cloud Transformation

    Your company can benefit from the advantages which the cloud offers – budget optimization, secured access to data, durable, highly available and scalable storage, etc. We support you with evaluation, planning and execution of the cloud transformation strategy of IBM Domino applications. Our team of experts can build end-to-end solution and infrastructure design and make the applications running in the Cloud. Moreover, we offer Cloud Applications maintenance and support.

    • Deep understanding of cloud and modern infrastructure based on the business model
    • On demand consulting and operations with great flexibility
    • End-to-end cloud solution including infrastructure design and execution
    • Number of certified professionals as well as Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs)
  • Application Support

    Beside the successful implementation of application modernization projects, BULPROS helps you extend your technology capabilities, expertise and resources by offering 24x7 Multilingual Helpdesk, application maintenance and support, DevOps as a service, Office 365 applications support. Thus, your company benefits from access to experienced experts with an excellent quality-to-price ratio and maximization of uptime of business applications.

    • Flexible models based on your business need
    • On-demand scale of the support team
    • Experienced experts with an excellent quality-to-price ratio
    • Uptime maximization of business critical applications