Cyber Security

Business solutions to ensure the security of data, digital communications and collaboration and to leverage compliance


With Cyber Security offering we deliver comprehensive solutions to ensure security, privacy and compliance in the digital business landscape.

In the age of digital transformation, cyber attacks and data breaches pose high risks to the assets of every organization. New privacy regulations require significant changes regarding how to manage and protect personal data. Therefore, safeguarding the digital communication against internal and external threats becomes inevitable.

With Cyber Security offering BULPROS delivers an end-to-end security framework for the leading messaging solutions. The offering includes designing, implementing and operating security solutions across collaboration platforms. We help organizations to fulfill compliance standards, federal and industry regulations and to protect critical business information with data protection solutions & services.


The main benefits of the Cyber Security offering for businesses are:

  • Establish company-wide compliance strategy
  • Easily customizable solutions
  • Comprehensive out-of-the-box email management solution for leading messaging platforms
  • Reduced risks through automation of email processes
  • Enable secure collaboration according to industry ‘s best practices
  • Improved data protection
  • High investment security by multi-platform support and integration of web and cloud technology as well as social business
  • Strong network of trusted partners in the security sector
  • Security Services & Solutions Leader 2018 (ISG Provider Lens)
  • More than 20 years of experience in security & collaboration



  • Messaging Security

    Messaging Security – we deliver end-to-end security solution for leading messaging platforms.

    Organizations require an integrated solution to cover all aspects of email security in a cost effective way.

    The challenges for the business regarding Messaging Security include:

    • Ever-growing number of cyber attacks & unknown malware putting inbound, outbound and internal emails at high risk
    • Increasing industrial espionage and risks related to data leakage & personal data
    • Client-based processes for encryption are too complex & don’t enforce secure communication where it’s necessary
    • Business relevant emails remain unanswered during absence

    With Messaging Security BULPROS faces all of them with appropriate solutions like:

    • A comprehensive email management framework to enforce security policies on enterprise level
    • Detect viruses, ransomware and malicious codes based on multiple analysis methods, including cloud & dynamic behavior analysis
    • Advanced content security engines detect sensitive information in a reliable & swift manner
    • Automatically encrypt & sign emails based on highly secure industry standards
    • Rule-based delegation management including retroactive processing

    As a result, the business has benefits like:

    • Highly efficient & easy adaptable to company requirements thanks to
      central management & automated processes
    • Effective defense against all email threats with comprehensive
      protection arsenal
    • Protect company assets & prevent unauthorized dispatch of confidential data
    • Easily enforce secure communication for all confidential emails
    • Improve customer service & avoid failure to meet deadlines
  • Collaboration Security

    Collaboration Security includes designing, implementing and operating security solutions across collaboration platforms.

    The main challenges regarding Collaboration Security are:

    • Business correspondence, from offers and orders through to contracts and invoices exchanged via email should not be stored in individual user mailboxes
    • Organizations require industry-proven & secure collaboration platforms to improve productivity & stay competitive
    • Build-in functionalities of collaboration platforms need to be enhanced with secure custom solutions

    Collaboration security solutions:

    • Classify business relevant email content and automatically store it securely in collaboration platforms
    • Designing collaboration environments according to industry`s best security practices
    • Build & deploy individual applications based on development security standards
    • Source code reviews to detect security vulnerabilities

    With BULPROS`s Collaboration Security solutions, business benefits from

    • Seamless interaction between email & collaboration platforms
    • Accelerate processes & workflows
    • Secure collaboration with customers, partners and teams
    • Utilize the power of modern applications the secure way
    • Run collaboration platforms efficiently & securely
  • Risk & Compliance Management

    Risk & Compliance Management is helping organizations to fulfill compliance standards, federal and industry regulations.

    Business often has challenges like:

    • Business relevant emails need tamper-proof archiving
    • Up-to-date legally compliant signatures for every outbound email
    • No information about the compliance relevant email content in the organization
    • Building a company-wide compliance strategy

    The BULPROS` solutions in this area include:

    • Automatically archive all relevant emails before delivery to user
    • Central, policy-based insert all necessary legal disclaimer, personalized information, terms & conditions
    • Perform email assessments to measure the degree of compliance readiness
    • Analysis of current compliance strategy
    • In-depth process and data governance review

    The benefits for the business are:

    • Comply with statutory email archiving regulations
    • User-independent integration of compulsory information in compliance with legal obligations
    • Detailed findings help to define & implement necessary compliance policies
    • Become GDPR Ready
  • Data Protection Solutions & Services

    Data Protection Solutions & Services are designed to protect critical business information.

    The challenges for the business regarding Data Protection include:

    • Protect business and internal emails from data theft
    • Protect personal data in emails
    • Identify sensitive data and prevent unauthorized distribution
    • Change of user behavior remains unnoticed
    • Careless handling of sensitive information
    • Managing customer consent

    BULPROS Data Protection Solutions & Services include:

    • Analyze, evaluate & block sensitive content to prevent data leakage
    • Perform four-eye check to determine if email is to be released or blocked
    • Detect deviations from regular user behavior
    • Security awareness trainings
    • Implementing customer-centric identity management

    The benefits that business can rely on by using BULPROS Data Protection Solutions & Services are:

    • Achieve data leakage prevention for complete email traffic
    • Easy to implement approval process for business critical content
    • Reveal email usage anomalies such as sudden increases in volume and changes in nature of content
    • Improve the handling of business relevant email content
    • Easy way to declare & change consent for every customer
  • iQ.Suite & GDPR

    Detect, protect and monitor - with iQ.Suite & GDPR offering the focus is all on personal data.


    • Identify personal data in inbound, outbound and internal emails
    • Classify personal data based on content in all parts of an email
    • Detecting content in Office documents, PDF files and many more formats
    • Many analyzing methods
    • Detecting content within ZIP files and other archives
    • Detecting viruses, ransomware and malicious codes that could destroy personal data and lead to loss of personal data or unauthorized disclosure


    • Block emails with viruses that could destroy or disclose sensitive information
    • Block emails containing personal data to prevent data leakage
    • Perform four-eye check to determine if email is to be released or blocked
    • Detect deviations from regular user behavior
    • Automatically archive relevant emails
    • Automatically encrypt emails based on highly secure industry standards


    • Provide detailed notifications about security incidents for the mandatory breach notification within 72 hours
    • Browser-based security center provides dashboards and detailed reports
    • Audit logs show details on all processed emails
    • Quarantine emails for further assessment