Financial Services and Insurance

Complete industry specific vertical solutions which facilitate the Digital Transformation of the business


The financial services industry is going through a huge transformation. It is not only technological, but in the operating model and in the mindset of every single person within the industry. We are here to support banks, insurers, FinTech companies and other financial service providers in their transformation journey. With the deep understanding of our team coming from inside the industry, we offer end-to-end business solutions focused on its current and future challenges.


  • Strong industry background – speaking your languages and understanding your challenges
  • Holistic view – both strategic and operational know-how in the hot industry topics
  • Focus on execution – using the best technology practices adapted for the industry specifics enables us to deliver successful projects fast
  • Working innovation – we have a track record of working enabling innovation processes


  • Financial Services Digital Strategy

    It helps companies to address key strategic challenges, identify business model transformation and plan the execution of digital transformation and innovation programs.

  • Omnichannel Digital Banking & Insurance

    Reimagining how financial services are marketed and delivered digitally across channels by leveraging digital identity, data, AI, IoT and other technologies.

  • Customer Relationship Management

    Standardized processes to serve customers efficiently, streamlined and tailored solutions to solve customer's concerns and address their needs, recommendations and guided selling tools to deliver relevant and differentiated offers to customers.

  • Payments

    This component includes digital account management (mWallets), mobile P2P and C2B payments, payment hubs, e-commerce, loyalty schemes and innovative Blockchain-based solutions.

  • Customer, Profitability and Risk Intelligence

    We support companies with advanced data management, analytics and machine learning to fully leverage the potential of the vast amounts of data kept by the organization.

  • Regulations and Compliance

    We offer legal, business and technology consulting and implementation of RegTech solutions covering the current regulatory challenges in the Financial Services Industry such as PSD2, GDPR, MiFID II, IFRS9, BCBS 239.